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Local Businesses / Services in Our Area

Our communities are filled with small Businesses an Entrepreneur’s even people that do odd jobs, big and small, what I am trying to do is help the people who need work, and people that are looking for someone to do work for them.

As we all know, work or jobs are hard to find around this area, (or anywhere these days’s) and that is why more, and more families are trying to make it, by creating their own little space in this world,



Heating and Air,


Cosmetologist, and so many more.

I know a few great contractor’s that are or have done work for me, and I stand behind them 100%.


Being Careful

There are a lot of scams out there, guy’s that will take advantage of you, me I don’t trust just anyone. I want to know their back ground,


  • How long have you been doing this?
  • What are you prices?
  • Reference from other job’s they have preformed?
  • How long will the job take?
  • Are they local or from out of town or even out of state?
  • Do they have insurance for the job that they are doing?

Sit and talk to them, get to know their character, you can usually tell if someone is making up things as they go, or they are being honest with you, do not let them talk you into or push you into anything you are not comfortable with.

Get more than one quote for a job research what you are wanting to have done, see if you can find a better price or more experienced contractor’s.

And please never let anyone in your home that just show’s up (unless you know them) and tell’s you they see something need’s fixing, and they would like to give you a price for fixing it,

It’s hard to know someone need’s a job, and their maybe something you could let them do to earn money to feed their family or pay a bill, but letting them in your home is never a good idea. If you would like to help them, talk to them outside the home, about the project that has been brought up, and never pay them until they are done with the work. If they ask for the money up front, you know there is something suspicious.

How To Find Someone To Do Work Around Your Home

Are you looking for a contractor, handyman, babysitter, or someone to help you out?

Before you just hire someone off the street, shop around, ask a neighbor if they know someone 80 % of the time they will.

research on the Internet or your local Yellow Pages. The best reference you can get in my opinion is word of mouth, the reason being is that, the people you are talking to have had work done for them and can tell you whether it was good or bad.

Some people though will complain about anything but you know who those people are if they live around you.



Your Local Hardwear Store

Go to your local hardware store, ask them if they can refer anyone for the type of job you are wanting to have done, a lot of the time now day’s your smaller hardware stores will have experienced small business owners, contractors or handyman type services, who by their materials from their stores they know the workers and can make honest recommendation’s .



Your Small Town Papers

Most of us small town people have a little paper of some sort that have advertisements for people looking for work, and the type of work they do, ask around about them, see if anyone has used their services, and if so what kind of job they did.

We have a little paper here where I live, and I have hired something’s done around our home from people that have advertised in it, and so far every thing has worked out great, the two big ones was having a PoBarn built, and Metal Roof put on our home, but we did a lot of research on the companies, and talked to them extensively, Both jobs come with a lifetime guarantee.

That is another thing you will want to put on your list of question’s, does the job come with a guarantee of any kind, if it is a big job, and a good sum of money make sure you are comfortable with the answer to this one too.




Looking on the internet, this is the hard one, because unless it is a local website, you will not know who these people are, and it is hard to really talk to them, or have face time with them, the best thing is research, and question’s,

That is another thing you will want to put on your list of question’s, does the job come with a guarantee of any kind, if it is a big job, and a good sum of money make sure you are comfortable with the answer to this one too.




Choosing someone to do a job for you should be something you don’t get in a hurry about, take your time, talk to them, get to know the person, and the workers, are they respectful, do they know what they are talking about when they describe the best way to do the project, are they comfortable answering your questions, and to me the one thing I like to look for is, do they like what they are doing, If someone seem to like what they do, then you can almost bet they are more likely to do it well.

At the same time be respectful to them, if you see a problem then address it, you do not have to be hateful or demeaning. They are there to do the best they can do for you (yes they are getting paid, but in return you are getting what you want) So its a win win situation.


My Recommendations

JCS Roofing and Construction 

Newman Lawn Service

Mark’s Auto Repair and Detailing 



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