Hiking Shawnee National Forest Illinois

Hiking in the Southern Part of Illinois/

Shawnee National Forest?

Spring is here, and it is one of the best time’s to go hiking in our area when the water is flowing across the fall’s and the tree’s, and foliage is coming into bloom, although you have to take precaution’s and safety measures, because the rock’s can be slick, the path way’s can be muddy. Poison ivy and oak among others are along the trail’s. Just want you to know what the condition’s are like before you go on a fun day’s hike.

There are many Places, and many Trails with in this vast forest, some can take day’s to get through others hours, while others just a few minutes. Most in our area have path’s that you can follow, but they image Of Burden Falls in Shawnee National Forestare uphill, downhill, across bridges, which have stairs to climb, and some have rocky terrain, Like here at Burden Falls. As you look up to the right at the top of the picture, there is where the small path is. You can climb down to the bottom, but you have to be careful It is best to be in good health when you attempt to go to these places, Make sure you watch children carefully, while Shawnee National Forest is an amazing place to see, you do not want to have children running out of your site, or trying to hop or skip across any of the rock’s.

Hiking Trail’s Around Our Area

Garden of The God’s

Bell Smith Spring’s

Burden Falls

Iron Furnace

Gleen-O-Jones Lake


Rim Rock

and many others like the 160-mile River to River Trail.

I am going to get into more details about these, and so many more tying to put them in to perspective, or categories them for different difficulties, and safety issues. We want you to enjoy your visit here while staying safe at the same time.

Preparing for Your Hiking Trip

In preparation for your trip you need to know about the hiking area, is it safe for small children, or if there is an older person with you can they climb the hill’s or stairs.

Checking the weather is a good Idea too, just in case there should be a change in the condition’s. Here in Illinois we have a saying “if you don’t like the weather now, just wait 10 minutes it will change” So be sure to dress for the occasion, wear comfortable shoes, clothing that will be suitable for the forecast but, take along umbrella or rain jacket’s just in case, I will tie my rain jacket around my waist.

Also, if you are going to do one of the wilderness trials, long sleeve’s would be more appropriate, and hiking boot’s would probably be more sufficient, spraying the bug repellent on your boots, bottom of your pant leg’ and around the sleeves of your shirts for protection.

There are several brands that have repellent in a lotion’s now, if you can stand the smell, I don’t recommend oil’s, because thing’s just stick to it, and it would get uncomfortable.

Thing’s You Will Need

Thing’s you can carry on a short hike

When, hiking we all know there are things we need to take with us. I usually carry a small back or a fanny pack, big enough to keep at least small containers of Item’s you will want or need, and today it is easy to buy small pack of everything, My first and foremost carry along in my bag is a bug repellent, you are in the Shawnee Nationl Forest, and in Soutern Illinois it is usually humid, along with that, and the fact that there is water always’s around somewhere, you are going to run into mosquito’s, (They love me) tick’s, and even sometimes turkey mites, since we do have a good many wild turkey’s around our area.

Sun screen or block, when you up on the rock’s even if it doesn’t feel that hot you can get the sun beaming up from the rocks and get burnt before you know it.

Water, is the best source of liquid to drink on those hot, dusty day’s, but replenishing drinks like gator aid or something to that effect is also good, most of the trails are at least 45 minutes long, so make sure you are hydrated. Especially for older people and young children.

A Small Snack

Band Aid’s and Baby Wipes, kid’s fall, and get scrapes and cuts, (I have been known to myself 🙂 ), alcohol wipes antibacterial cream, and the wipe’s come in handy for this.

It is always’s a good Idea to take a safety kit just in case.

Extra set of clean clothing,(i always’s forget) left in the car, for when the kid’s get dirty, and you want to clean them up after the hike, we use the baby or alcohol wipes to clean our hand’s, and face it just seems to freshen you up a little, and if there is no where to wash your hand’s, they are good for that too, if you think you have come in contact with poison ivy or oak you need to clean the area right away. The alcohol wipes would be best for this.

As I said we all want you to have a Safe, enjoyable, and hopefully educational experience.

If you have any questions about Shawnee National Forest in our area, please feel free to contact me. I will be glad to answer them the best I can.

And If  you have visited our area tell us about your experience, would love to hear from you.

Just leave it in the comment box below.

Or you can contact me at vgcantrell@welcometoourworldonline.com


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