Hardin County in Southern Illinois

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History of Hardin County Illinois

Welcome to Another Walk Back In Time:

As the story goes Hardin County was once a prehistoric land back some 5000 years ago long before the Indians  or the White Man there were said to be the Mound Builders, the reason they are called Mound Builders from what I can understand is due to the fact that that built everything under the earth.

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History of Hardin County

Written in 1939

I found this copy of the book at archive.com while doing my research, I have read it once, but will go over it again, it tell’s of the first people in this area extending to the indian’s, and then the white man, the pathways and byways around the river, the wars and battles of some, and the destruction of the generations that lived before us. It is an old book, and has been preserved here on the web. I hope you enjoy the reading.


Also Known As Little Egypt

The area was once also known as Little Egypt just click the link to read more gratitude to wiki.

Formed in 1839, Hardin County was named after Hardin County Kentucky which was named after  officer John Hardin who fought  in the American Revolutionary War .

While on a peace mission in 1792 Mr. Hardin was killed by the Shawnee Indians.







Elizabethtown Illinois

Is the County Seat, established in 1840 (starting out as a village centered around the tavern)  it was named after Mrs. Elizabeth McFarlan, (Elizabethtown)  her husband James McFarlan started a Ferry in 1809 and later built a Home called the McFarlan Tavern which was changed to Rose Hotel, the hotel was closed 1960, but has since been reopened, you can visit the website by clicking the link above or visit them on facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rose-Hotel  The hotel has been Registered as an Historic Place

You might  also be interested in the the E-Town River Restaurant, yes it is a boat that sits on the river, right next to the Rose Motel, and they have the best catfish around.

Rosiclare Illinois

Population in 2010 was 1,160 People

Settlers started into the area as early as 1810, most being of the outlaw descent known as the Sturdivant Gang whose rain went from 1780 to somewhere around 1830s. From Connecticut to Illinois and beyond. Being raided by Law enforcement and Regulators in 1822 and 1823 they were said to be run out of the picture of fluorite rockOhio river valley, but continued on elsewhere.

Rosiclare  was known for the fluorite mining (fluorspar)  a beautiful, sparkly rock used as a flux in iron smelting. It is sad to know that the mines end came because it was cheaper to import fluorite from China. An even sader yet when the town was  once known as the fluorite capital of the US.

Andrew Jackson owned a fluorspar mine in Rosiclare in 1835.

There are other small town or Precinct’s as they are called, and I will be writing more about them on our site also.

You have t o see this vast area of woodlands, streams, and vivid Beauty to experience what it really has to offer.

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Attractions in Hardin County

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