Cave Rock State Park Illinois

Also, Known/

As Cave-In-Rock State Park

Located on the Ohio River is this notorious place, that was once used by the Masion Gang, and other bandits, to hide out during their active day’s, they were known river pirates, killing and robbing as people moved down the river, and through the rough pathways that had been cleared for new settler’s, at that time there were a lot of these type of gangs, destroying and taking what wasn’t theirs.

As time went on, the amount of boats, and people traveling the Ohio and Mississippi River grew, which made it more difficult for the river pirates to over take the ship’s, and their passengers, the bandits  that weren’t caught or killed finally give up.


Image of the rocky stair way leading to the caveThe Park sit’s some 80 feet above the Ohio, making it quite a trek down these stairs, as you can see from the picture to the left. They were cut out  from the stone that was already there,so it can be a bit tricky, an quite a walk for older people, or someone with disabilities, at this time there is no other access to the cave. If you take your time it is manageable. As always going down is not so hard but walking back up them can be a more tiring.


Today it is a wonderful place to take your family and friends for a vacation, you can enjoy all its beauty without having to worry about pirates :), The Cave is 55 feet Tall, 40 Feet Wide and 120 Feet Deep, when you reach the back of the cave there is an opening at the top where you can see daylight, it sits right on the river (which made easy access for the pirates in the olden day’s to hide away.)

The Riverwalk has 2 different trails  that takes you around the park, at the river’s edge, on a sandy beach it is so peaceful and serine.

It is a great place to stay while you are traveling our area, and not to far from other unique place to visit.

If we get a lot of rain, the area in front of the cave does flood , making it impassable, but that is not to often.You can check the weather map I have added  to see the weather conditions or just give them a call before making any kind of reservation’s.

 Lodging and, Camping

 with RV hookups or Tent area’s

you can rest assured they have something for all your need’s


The Lodging

Is 80 feet above the Ohio River. They have room’s that will easily accommodate a party of 4(FOUR), with all the comforts of home, your own kitchen, bathroom, and even a balcony that over look’s the beauty of the river. With so much more to complete your stay.

Lodge Prices

1 or 2 People (per night)……….$109.00

+ per additional person……….$10.00

With Seinor Discounts


RV Hook Up’s

With site’s for RV as long as 60 feet

The fee for Parking your RV is:

$20.00 a night Monday thru Thursday

$30.00 a night Friday thru Saturday

Tent Camping
Tent Sites are $10.00 a night

They all include Shower’s, Restroom’s, and Trash Disposal with pick nick area’s and outside grill’s for all.

With access to many of the unique places you will want to visit while you are staying in the area


 PicNic Area

There have several sections for having a picnic with in the park, with shelters or just out in the open, If you have  a big event like a family reunion, they like for you to call ahead, and make reservations so they Image of Cave in Rock State Parkcan hold the place that would be suited for your event.

Or if you, and your family would just like to spend a nice day out in the sunshine and explore the Cave with, walks by the river to a great place to picnic to just siting on your balcony, and take in the sound of the Ohio it is sure to live up to all your expectations. It even has a small playground for the children.

You can tell the kid’s about the history, and just have a Great Time.


Kaylor’s Restaurant and Lodge

With a place to eat right on the park grounds. Dine in a relaxing atmosphere, where the food is great, and the service is inviting. If you have had a good day hiking and looking around the area, and want to just sit, and enjoy a meal already prepared then the restaurant is ready to serve. You can dine in at the restaurant or take it to your room and sit on the balcony that overlooks the river. I hear the fried chicken is awesome, I haven’t eaten here yet but intend on trying it out soon.
Image of the Restaurant in cave-in-rock Il





Hours:  Closed Tuesday

  • Monday,Wednesday,Thursday, Friday
  • 8am to 8pm
  • Saturday: 8am to 8pm
  • Sunday: 8am to 6pm


Number you can Call 


For more information on reservation

to the Lodge, Camping Or Big Event’s

weather in side or out they are more than glad to help.


Here is a map that will lead you to the State Park if you need a larger view just click on the View larger Map Below. Map Brought to you by Google Map’s.



The Ferry

Another Great Attraction is the Ferry, which seems to have  started in the 1800 hundreds, from what I can find out there are two others in this area. However my research of the cave in rock ferry hasn’t taken me very far except to say it takes about 15 minutes to make it’s run across the river carrying 12 vehicles an some walk on passengers.

I do know that from experience that it will take you across the river to Marion Kentucky, (Critten County). This is the area were you step back in time, the Amish settled here 1977, although they have been around here for may generation know to be are hard working people, who live off the land, and basically, grow their own food, make their own furniture, and do not believe in driving car’s, they still use horse, and buggies to get around in. They are a quaint, and private group with an old time faith, an  do not intermix with society, or the progress of today’s world, having their own rules and beliefs .


It is asked that if you do visit, Please respect them, as you would wish to have your lifestyle respected an  do not take their pictures, for this is considered a breach of privacy, And you will be asked to leave.


Critten County has a lot to see and do while you are there, you might want to Visit the

Historical Museum

Mineral Museum

Foh’s Hall which is on the National Register of Historic Places. It has an auditorium, and meeting rooms.

it was given to the county in 1926.

An The Land Between the Lakes take a look at the video below it is quite the place.


With so many other attraction to see.

Although our site is about Southern Illinois, I also want you to know about the surrounding area,  in the connecting states. So if you are intrested, go ahead and take a look at the website of Marion Kentucky

If you have any Questions or Comments Leave them Below, I will be more than glad to get back to you.

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