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Hey and welcome

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We are the Cantrell’s, our home is in Southern Illinois, and it is a beautiful place to live. There is so much history here that is seldom told, Beautiful scenery that I wan’t you to know about, maybe someday you can plan a trip, and come to enjoy, what we that live here enjoy every day.

Here in the town of Herod, population of about 300 people  🙂 I am sure there are more, but we are all scattered out with a few home’s here and there,  it is  very quiet with  lots of room to romp, and play both for the grand kids, and our animal kids,

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My Husband Mark is a Mechanic, and runs his own little shop, in Eldorado another small town about 20 minutes from here.

Our lives have been in this area for 15 years now, we have 3 dogs, some chickens and a duck (something got the other 3 ducks last summer), 2 rabbits, last but not least JoJo my African Grey Parrot.



I have been working on this site for so long now, and have changed it so many times, but this time think I am just going to go with flow, and just share what we know. I love this place and these people.

Although I want to share with you all the beauty we have here, the site will be about all kinds of thing’s, our like’s. things we do and, and thing’s I think you might like too.


So Grab a cup of coffee or tea,maybe even a beer and walk with us through this Beautiful Country we call home .

Thank you for coming by, and Ya’ll come back now hear.


Please feel free to wright your comment’s below, if you have visited out area drop us a line,let us know.  How was your Experience?

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