About Us


Picture of eagle in flight
Picture Taken In Our Back Yard


Hey and welcome

We are the Cantrell’s, our home is in Southern Illinois, and it is a beautiful place to live. There is so much history here that is seldom told, Beautiful scenery that I wan’t you to know about, maybe someday you can plan a trip, and come to enjoy what we that live here enjoy every day.

Here in the town of Herod, population of about 300 people,it is  very quiet with  lots of room to romp, and play both for the grand kids and our animal kids,

My Husband Mark is a Mechanic, and runs his own little shop, in Eldorado another small town about 20 minutes from here.

Our lives have been in this area for 15 years now, we have 3 dogs, some chickens and a duck (something got the other 3 ducks last summer), 2 rabbits,  last but not least JoJo my African Grey Parrot

I have been working on this site for so long now, and have changed it so many times, but this time think I am just going to go with flow, and just share what we know.

come on in have a seat an feel free to get to know us.

Thank you for coming by and Ya’ll come back now hear


picture of a bridge
My Husband Mark we were at Giant City State Park