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picture of hills at Garden of the god's
Amazing View

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Southern Illinois has the most beautiful scenery,  very few know about it, even people who live in Illinois, will tell you they haven’t visited this area. For those who like to travel, or vacation, take in the nature of the land, Southern Illinois is a great place for this, The History of the hill’s is amazing.

I have lived here most of my life, and never get tired  of going out an hiking or discovering new places, Every summer you can find me, and my husband with our youngest grandson, out running what we call the hill’s,  It is actually Shawnee National Forest. The views are awesome, Take this one from the Garden of the Gods, it is called the Camel’s Back, looks like it was carved out by an artist, but it was carved out by mother nature, The biggest attraction that bring people from all over to see it’s magistic imagery.

 I was standing on a cliff which has an elevation of 800+ feet, these rocks and cliffs are  made up of natural Sandstone Rock Formations, that have been here  for many years. They say millions of years.

Stories of the Indians that once lived in and around these rock’s, Oh what stories are told by the people who have lived here all their lives, one’s that need to keep being told to remember how it shaped our territory. Our children need to know the history that abound’s.

It is the same all along the pathway’s surrounding this area, where settlers came and towns were built, job’s were of the plenty.

Picture of Rock formation
A rock formation known as the Camels Back.

There is so much more to see,

so enjoy yourselves while you take a walk through our Beautiful Country.


For Many Many years these little town’s thrived, with Miner’s of  Coal and Fluorspar, they communities grew on and around  the river, because at that time it was the transport for the Coal and Fluorspar. Although the Fluorspar mining (in Rosiclare Il) ended in 1995, Coal still run’s these rivers, taken to places where the railroad transports it on, to it’s destinations, but due to the government even the coal mines are dwilding, they say the pollution from it is ruining the earth’s atmosphere, but to me it is no more a hazard than the jet’s they fly around, or the limos they drive around in. What about the Rockets they are constantly sending up in space or the ugly Windmills that they are using to take over our lands.

It is sad that the Fluorspar was ended, basically due to imports from China, they could supply it cheaper than we could mine it, then the Steel Mills were sent to China, and put our men and women out of work, it hasn’t just happened here, but all over the United States. You can read this story to see what I am talking about.

Now our little town’s survive with the job’s that can be found here and there, but one thing is for sure, We love our area and all it’s beauty, the people and the comradery.

We fight to keep the History alive, and to teach it through our stories, and our websites like mine and many others.

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