About Us

Hey and welcome, we are the Cantrell’s, our home is in Southern Illinois, and it is a beautiful place to live,

Here in the town of Herod, population of about 300 people very quiet and lots of room to romp.

My Husband Mark is a Mechanic and runs his own little shop, in another small town about 20 minutes from here.

Our lives have been in this area for 15 years now, we have 3 dogs, wome chickens and a duck (something got the other 3 last summer, and 2 rabbits, I have been working on this site for so long now and have changed it so many times, but this time think I am just going to go with flow and just share what we know.

come on in have a seat an feel free to get to know us.

Thank you for coming by and Ya’ll come back now ya hear